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Why we are the best option


J.KINnovations is a local business located in Hayward, CA.  

Its founder Norma Muñoz, Mexican with a great sense of belonging to her country and one of the things she most admires about her culture is artisan embroidery, made by people endowed with extensive talent.  in your hands .  

With much respect and admiration for them, being an enterprising woman eager to venture into the textile industry, the idea of using specialized machinery with digital design techniques to personalize embroidery and design arises.  textile prints.  


Offer our clients a variety of options to personalize the image of their business, institution or personal gift for special occasions through the art of embroidery  and printed with bilingual service and personalized attention.  

Our goal is to establish ourselves as the leading local embroidery company, being recognized for our quality, efficiency and customer service.


Embroidery and textile printing is one of the personalization techniques that adds the greatest added value to a garment, raising its quality. At J.KINnovations we are aware of this and that the logo of your company, institution or group to which they belong is the best way to convey the professionalism and exclusivity of your company by transmitting an image that will be disseminated to a wide sector of the population. with just a glance.  No job is small for us and since  we started  We analyze all the points and advise our clients so that the final finish transmits MAXIMUM PERFECTION and the desired effect. And with attention in your language.

Digitizing service which is the process of converting a design into a special digital format for embroidery - formats called DST or EMB.

Vectoring service of the image or design for the printing process,  which is the format that is made up of vectors and not pixels.

Text embroidery with color, size and font options. From a letter, initials, names or phrases. Ideal for personalizing gifts or to accompany logo embroidery.

Logo embroidery on any type of fabric, garment or patch. Ideal for corporate image, sports, fairs or promotional events.

Vinyl stamping service offering a wide variety  colors and finishes suitable for all types of work, fabric or garment. 

J.KINnovations adapts to customer needs with accessible hours, retail, wholesale and last minute orders. 

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